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  • Travel, Additional Information & FAQ’s

    Only 12 spots available (starting at $4,686) - and will sell out!

    Pasta and fork


    Villa Bibbiani is a charming residence surrounded by a magnificent botanical park, meadows, woods, vineyards, and olive groves that slope gently from Montalbano toward the Arno River. We will arrange pick-ups from FLR airport and whisk you away to the Bibbiani Estate located 40 mins from the airport.



    • 6 nights accommodations -Stay in luxury in your own private room with en suite accommodations, a private bath, double sinks, shower, toilet, and bidet. Or semi-private, a single king shared bed with en suite accommodations, a private bath, double sinks, shower, toilet, and bidet. Each room has one king bed with en suite accommodations. A twin bed may be provided if the king is not shared. The shared rooms will either have a king bed that is shared or one person for the king and the other in a twin bed. Please inquire if you have some friends for triple occupancy.
    • Group pick up and drop off from Florence (FLR) airport on the first and last day of the retreat
    • 7 Yoga Classes with Larry
    • All meals are prepared on-site with a variety of traditional Italian meals - buffet breakfasts, lunches, and seated dinners. There are plenty of options for vegan/vegetarian. Lunches on tour days are not included.


    • Travel to Italy
    • Optional tour and dinner at Colle Berto Winery and Estate. A private catered meal and wine pairings at
      Colle Bereto.  
    • Optional Day trips to the historic medieval towns of San Gimignano and Lucca  
    • Optional spa services.
    • Gratuities you may offer drivers, guides, cleaning staff, chefs, etc.
    • Travel Insurance

    A $500 deposit will secure your space and we would be happy to match you with a roommate

    (unless joining as a couple)


    Refunds and Cancellations: In case of cancellation, you may transfer your deposit or your reservation to another person as long as you notify The Yoga of You 21+ days in advance. Due to arrangements made with our island hosts, there can be no exceptions to this policy. Participants will be required to sign an application and liability waiver to participate on this trip. If you place a deposit, the balance due will be set to charge in equal installments starting the month after the deposit through August 2023, unless other arrangements are made.

    We highly recommend that you consider purchasing Travel Insurance. Travel insurance companies like TRAVEL GUARD offer policies that insure your investment in case you need to cancel (including “cancel for any reason” coverages), coverages for expenses incurred due to weather & travel delays, personal property loss, and emergency travel medical. Please review policies carefully to choose the coverage you need.


    Please book your travel to Florence (airport code FLR) or Pisa Code (PSA), for arrival on Sept. 9th and departure on Sept 16, 2023. Group transportation is provided for Florence airport only.


    What to pack:

    - Valid Passport (ensure that it does not expire within 6 months of your travel)

    - Comfortable walking shoes. We recommend a good hiking pair of shoes and all-purpose footwear like sandals, running shoes, etc.

    - Comfortable, casual clothing for the region

    - A water bottle to stay hydrated

    - Sunscreen – SPF15 or greater.

    - Daypack to carry water, camera, and such

    - Adapters for electronics

    - Yoga mats and blocks will be provided by the Villa however you're welcome to BYOG -Bring Your Own Gear!



    The Optional Day Tours


    Each day will start with yoga even on the tour days. Tours will typically leave mid-morning and complete mid to late afternoon.


    The "Historic Centre of San Gimignano" is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    San Gimignano is a small walled medieval hill town in the province of Siena, Tuscany, north-central Italy. Known as the Town of Fine Towers, San Gimignano is famous for its medieval architecture, unique in the preservation of about a dozen of its tower houses, which, with its hilltop setting and encircling walls, form "an unforgettable skyline". Within the walls, the well-preserved buildings include notable examples of both Romanesque and Gothic architecture, with outstanding examples of secular buildings as well as churches. The Palazzo Comunale, the Collegiate Church, and the Church of Sant Agostino contain frescos, including cycles dating from the 14th and 15th centuries.

    Approximate cost is $250. More details to follow.


    Lucca is a city on the Serchio river in Italy’s Tuscany region. It’s known for the well-preserved Renaissance walls encircling its historic city center and its cobblestone streets. Broad, tree-lined pathways along the tops of these massive 16th- and 17th-century ramparts are popular for strolling and cycling. Casa di Puccini, where the great opera composer was born, is now a house museum.

    Approximate cost is $250. More details to follow.


    Dinner with wine pairings at Colle Bereto winery. The approximate cost is $150. More details to follow.





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    Size strictly limited to 15

  • Functional Online Sessions

    and Why a Membership

    Join me and feel better live on Zoom (check out "My approach" below)Expect an anatomically informed session that will progressively challenge you. My promise for each session: #1. Reduced pain. #2 Improve range of motion. (think fewer strokes on your golf game or picking up great-great grandbabies when you're 90+). #3 Improve body awareness and sensitivity. #4 Activate underdeveloped muscles. #5 Enhance flexibility

    Each session can be used as a corrective strategy, movement-centric technique, or as part of body-weight strength and conditioning training program.

    The experience is way better with two (2), 4" SOFT yoga blocks and space at a wall.


    Members receive online YouYube content and receive a 10% discount on all private sessions and packages.


    Select a date and time to book an online session.

    Private Online Sessions

    Private Online Sessions

    Via zoom
    Back pain, stiffness in your neck or shoulders? Join me online for your private, individually curated session for your specific requirements.
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    Event time zone:America/Chicago GMT-05:00
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    Posture Mechanics

    Posture Mechanics

    Online via Zoom
    In this 90 min workshop, we will dive deep into spinal anatomy and discuss spinal mechanics and functional postures. You will be able to identify what muscles are over and underused and this will give you confidence in helping be a chronic pain resource for your clients
    Select date and time
    Event time zone:America/Chicago GMT-05:00
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  • About Larry

    Yoga of You photo:  Photo of Larry Thraen teaching a 200hr yoga teacher training

    Larry Thraen

    Founder / Yoga of You


    Larry Thraen founded The Yoga of You Advanced Education Protocols and is a clinical yoga therapist at the J. Flowers Health Institute.


    My promise is simple: You will feel better after every session.



    Larry, "the low back pain guy," has over 35,000 hours of experience in the multidisciplinary fields of yoga, neurophysiology, and functional movement. He's trained hundreds of teachers and practitioners worldwide in non-traditional ways of treating dysfunction through mindfulness and movement. Larry has been in the clinical environment for over five years and is aligned with some of Houston's top doctors and movement practitioners, serving and educating people on functional longevity and how living pain-free is simple, safe, and accessible.



    Larry has completed over 2600 certification hours through the Andrew Dugas, The School of Yoga Institute, having studied under Andrew Dugas, Robert Boustany, Vedantin 'Ping" Lou, and his early practice was inspired by Vinnie Marino, Bryan Kest, Annie Carpenter, Steve Ilg, and Kathryn Budig.



    Larry specializes in 200hr and 500hr teacher trainings and leading advanced yoga study immersions. He has certified over 500 yoga teachers throughout his career.




    Injury Rehabilitation, Neural Re-education, Mobility Restoration

    Simply prescribing a particular exercise for a specific problem is only sometimes effective. As a functional movement specialist, I focus on specific corrective movement protocols that significantly improve client outcomes. By understanding the necessary parameters for effective movement application, I can provide tailored solutions to correct dysfunctions in the body's circuitry and movement.



    I use specific corrective movement protocols that involve prescribing first eye and then body movement drills that stimulate the brain to coordinate and control movement in a new and improved way. This approach can help reset circuitry problems and improve movement patterns. As a result, my clients experienced increased mobility, improved stability, and reduced pain.


    Once we've stimulated your body to resolve a movement pattern, I can look at novel long-term protocol methods based on specific movement skills. This approach can help improve their physical fitness and prevent future injuries.


    I can provide clients with a customized and effective approach to their wellness goals by using specific corrective movement protocols. They see noticeable improvements in their physical abilities, which can help build trust in their body.  


    Therapeutic movement is a series of applied movement neurology sessions that can significantly impact performance outcomes.


    Each session is designed to reduce pain and will improve:
    - Balance and Coordination
    - Body awareness and sensitivity
    - Increased range of motion
    - Will identify and activate underdeveloped muscles
    - Enhance flexibility
    - The sessions will lead to better posture and alignment to reduce the risk of injury or re-injury
    - The sessions also help minimize stress by assisting the brain to feel safe through improved use of the brain's visual, vestibular, and motor control systems to help reduce chronic pain.
    - Restorative movement sessions are used as a movement-centric corrective strategy so clients can enjoy a pain-free life regardless of age or background.



    Restorative movement sequences are tailored to meet clients' specific needs and requirements, making them a highly customizable and effective tool for overall physical health. They can be used to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury in athletes or as a rehabilitation strategy for individuals with musculoskeletal injuries or chronic pain.  



    Overall, therapeutic movement sessions provide a powerful means of enhancing functional fitness and well-being.


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    200/500-Hr Teacher Training

    Class size strictly limited to 20

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    1 on 1 Zoom sessions


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