• 300 Hour Flex Program

    Houston-Based Advanced Yoga Certification program


  • Get 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified

    Yoga education that's embodied, enheartened, honest, practical, spiritual, and applicable in the 21st century world.

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    Today, experienced yoga teachers are more in demand by today’s healthcare system. With a certification from The Yoga of You's affiliated - Yoga Graduate School - clients and employers will understand fully they have a teacher that is not only experienced but trained in 21st century best yoga practices for today's facilitator.


    Our 300/500 hour advanced training focuses on a deeper understanding of anatomy & physiology and mechanical application in the human body. Our teachers are trained to understand the body and the practice so that they can masterfully apply the learnings to create customized and effective yoga skills, drills and routines for their clients.


    Our 300/500 hour flex programs allows students to follow their unique path on their timeline toward their 500 hour certification in the following ways:

    • Inclusion in the existing 200-hr Saturday modules per the course schedule (To be published)
    • Houston based modules
    • Workshops, classes and trainings with other pre-approved instructors
    • International destination immersions
    • Virtual Training (up to 20 hours)

    For more information about your own path to 500 hours, schedule a call with Larry to determine your options.



  • 2020 International Urban Modules

    Dates & retreat centers to be announced soon.

    Rishikesh, India

    Spring 2020

    Stockholm, Sweden

    Summer 2020

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Summer 2020

    Ubud, Bali

    Fall 2020

  • Areas of Study

    Personalized programs designed to match your path

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    Learn more about the anatomy and physiology of the body to better understand functional alignment in yoga poses.

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    Master key health indicators, mental and physical health outcomes, and sustainable lifestyle practices.

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    Learn to master the art of sequencing, adjustments, and cueing to inspire your students on and off the mat.

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    Learn to create balance and equanimity so as to live in peace, good health and harmony within the greater whole.

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    Learn to aid the body and mind to cleanse both physical and emotional excess.

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    Subtle Body

    Life Force

    Learn to direct our most fundamental unit of energy (Prana) that drives our mental, emotional, and physical processes.

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    New Science

    Learn to reprogram your body/mind through your belief system and how breakthroughs in Epigenetics are rewriting the rules of disease, heredity, and identity.

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    Ancient insights

    Learn how discoveries in quantum physics both echo the ancient insights of yoga and are dramatically changing how we view the world.

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    500 Hour Certification: Your Duration, Your Locations

    Our Houston based Flex program is customized by you without any beginning & ending point so you can integrate your newly acquired skill sets into your practice and teaching as you go.


    While our flex program begins in Houston with Small group training with Co-founder Larry Thraen, it doesn’t have to continue or end there. We offer a variety of international destination modules along with a developing catalog of on-demand virtual courses to allow you to get certified virtually anywhere and at any time you choose.

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