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    No obligation, by donation!

    Join me and feed your body with some movement every Tues/ Thurs @12 Noon, live on Zoom.

    Expect an anatomically informed class that will progressively challenge you.

    In other words, we start easy and make thing more interesting!

    My promise to you:

    #1. Your back pain will feel a lot less painful. #2 .You will learn to progress your inversion practice

    #3. We will never, ever do headstands!


    The experience is way better with two (2), 4" SOFT yoga blocks and space at a wall. No yoga mat required!




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  • Past FUNctional Zoom Classes:

    Dec 10, 2020 Access Passcode: zDX84D%h

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    Class size strictly limited to 20

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    2015 Yoga Teacher training photo with larry Thraen and student.

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    Yoga of You photo on Dr. Andrea Paige teaching an advanced education course in Nicaragua.

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  • About Larry

    Yoga of You photo:  Photo of Larry Thraen teaching a 200hr yoga teacher training

    Larry Thraen

    Founder / Yoga of You

    Larry has completed over 1250 certification hours through the School Yoga Institute, having studied under Andrew Dugas, Robert Boustany, Vedantin 'Ping" Lou, Vinnie Marino, Bryan Kest, Annie Carpenter, Steve Ilg, and Kathryn Budig.


    Larry believes through a dedicated practice, 'bhakti', one can cultivate deeper spiritual, physical, and emotional connections with one's self and others. “Pleasure is the body, Happiness is in the mind, Joy is the spirit.”


    Larry specializes in 200hr and 500hr teacher training and leading advanced yoga studies immersions. He's certified over 500 yoga teachers over his career.

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